Palermo People have always considered that their food is not just a pshycological need, but also a satisfation of one's tastes. Palermitans do not just feed themselves, they eat. 
Palermo is nearly 3.000 years old but it doesn't show it. In Palermo Pasta is a part of history. The Muslims created the first plant for the production of Itria, spaghetti, in the 10th century in Trabia, a few miles from the capital. In fact, the name of the town, Trabia, derives from Itria.It seems that Marco Polo brought it from Cathay. In the Norman period it was exported to Calabrie.(Puglia, Basilicata and Campania). 
Pasta with Broccoli Arriminati is a gastronomic triumph, where Broccoli means Cauliflower and Arriminati stands for mixed.
Tonno al Ragu:(Antica Focacceria San 
Dulcis in fundo: Confectionery. It is a Baroque as those who have conceived it over the centuries. 
Rich in candied fruit, jelly, marzipan, trifle andmany other delicious sweetmeats that all go to show that palermitans are not intimidated by cholesterol ;o) 
Cassata is the Queen of cackes. 
A simphony of tastes, a short lived masterpiece made to feed the body, but above all the spirit. It is nearly a piece of the soul of his city. As beautiful as cassata is what they say in Palermo. It is the quintessence of the contradictions of his incredible Italian province.
Fruit of Marzapane:(Bar Alba - Palermo)
Fruit of Marzapane:(Bar Alba - Palermo)
Cassate and Cannoli (Bar Alba)
Fantasie di Pasta
Pasta con le Sarde
Gnocchi al Ragù
Antipasto caldo with Panelle and Crocchè