Palermo and Sicily Safe Guide 
Bed and Breakfast  in Sicily
Sicily is really beautiful....Travelling in Sicily you'll get some great feeling...but to enjoy better your trip you have to follow some few rules....Some rules that you should follow anywhere: 
(Giorgio's Tips) 
1) Always use some money belts   
2) If you want to leave most of your money in the Hotel, Hostel, Bed and Breakfast  remember that everything you leave inside the room is not covered by insurance so try to hide very well what you want to leave inside the room. Some Hotels have a common security safe (extra charge) but you are covered for just  a few euros. If you have a safe inside your room anyway you won't be covered . 
3) During the night don't walk thru some narrow, desert and dark streets.  
4) Keep well your bag. Don't take it in your hand. Same thing for your cameras 
5) Watch out when you get some money from the ATM (Bankomats). Put your money immediatelly inside your wallet. Don't walk with too much money inside the wallet. Put inside just the minimum you'll have to spend for the day and put the rest somewhere else around your body :o) 
6) BE CAREFULL inside the buses. Pickpockets. Especially inside the buses for Monreale and Mondello Beach. Everybody close to you (child, woman, pregnant, old man or lady) could be some pickpockets 
7) Make copies of your passport details, insurance policy, travellers cheques, visas and credit card numbers. Carry one copy in a separate place to the originals and leave a copy with someone at home. You can even make some backups in your e.mails or memory sticks 
8) BUS for Monreale: BE CAREFUL!!!...In the bus for Monreale there are more Pickpockets  than normal people!!! Go inside the bus for Monreale with EMPTY POCKETS! 
FOLLOW this simple rules and you won't have any problem...or at least you'll reduce to the minimum any kind of problems. 
Bed and Breakfast  
            Rates   25 € per night !!! 
Looking for a Bed and Breakfast or a  Hostel or a fun accommodation in Sicily?...Looking for some friendly and fun people in Palermo?... 
Palermo is waiting for't hesitate!!!...Come to Palermo...visit Sicly, its wonderful nature and it's great history are ready to be discovered by you! :o)...You'll have a great vacation and you'll never forget it! :o)
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