Free Tours cause we do it for Passion! :o) 
We organize free tours in Palermo since 2003 and every time it's new fun 
It's a great way to know more people from all around the world walking through the history. Palermo infact is around 2.500 years old!! 
Wo can participate? 
Everybody can participate even if you are not Giorgio's House guests ;o) . The tours are totally open and free. If you are a friendly are more than welcome :o)) 
If you are not Guests of Giorgio's House and you'll like the tour and the atmosphere, only if you want, you can leave a tip. In this way you'll contribute to the continuation of these tours for the future ... anway if you don't do'll  be always welcome :o) 
Enjoy Palermo Discover it and have fun for  free with us 
Leave the problems away and just have fun with us  :o) 
Your smile is our Gasoline!
By Night tours of Palermo
Food tours in Palermo ;o)
Pub Tours of Palermo
Trekking Tours around Palermo and Sicily
Surprise Tours  :o)
If you want to Participate to our free tours of Palermo and Sicily, you can contact us by e.mail   and in the Subjet write TOURS  . We'll give you all the info about the meeting point end the type of tour we are going to do.
Free tours of Palermo and Sicily - Discover Palermo and Sicily with us - Meet people from all around the world, have fun and discover the city for free :o)