True Reviews Hotel Campaign 
... Internet is a fantastic way to communicate and to get a lot of informations...at the begining a lot of indipendent websites started to publish some comments about Hotels, Hostels, Bed and Breakfasts etc...and it was very good...but now, most of these websites are not more independent...they were bought by big tour operators or they just make business with the reviews, so everything is different now.
We cannot control all the net and anyway we prefere to take care of our Guests than checking the fake comments on the net...we can only make you a question: 
Do you believe us and  the smiles of thousands Guests we had or do you believe an Anonymous person that decided to write something negative for any kind of reason?  
How can the readers possibly believe anything that is written when the writer will not identify themself? ... these writers should prove that they stayed in the accommodations they rated (receipt, photos with the owners...) but of course they don't...and we even cannot understand how the "reviews websites" can publish some offensive comments made by Anonymous persons! 
We must stop this abuse... now a lot of Websites of Reviews  ask to the hotels to advertise (of course it's not for free) so my question is: If We don't advertise with them  what happens? Can we lose positions and have a bad rating?... We are not afraid cause we know how we work and the Guests can understand what's good and what's bad...but we are against this kind of monopole that now is becoming dangerous for Hotels and Customers too cause nobody will be able to get any real information... 
Good luck to all  the good and nice Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Hostels Guesthouses in the world and to all the Guests to make the right choice.
Here we wrote some of the comments we got during these years...we cannot update them often cause this is not our job :o) but it's also fun and nice for us to read them