Giorgio  Solo Climbing to the Aconcagua - February 2009
I have just 1 life...I don't want to look behind me and say: "If I did it"...Enjoy day by day of your life and try to realize all your dreams and if you cannot...you'll be able to say...I did my best!
Ciao to all :o) 
I was born in Palermo....yes...the town of the Godfather but believe me....I have no relationship with him...if I had...I could have a big chain of Hotels :o) 
I love active life, sports, outdoor life....I was an extreme windsurfer, I do skiing, climbing, hiking....and anything can give me some great feeling...I love photography....but... 
...First of all I am a traveler...I travelled a lot during my life (and of course...I continue to travel ;o) .....I slept anywhere during my travels,Hostels, Hotels, Bed and Breakfast, tents....beaches, bridges :o)  but most of the time I missed the authenticity of the places (except for the beaches and bridges :o)...Nice smiles, sometimes very nice places but I missed the "feeling"...That's why, one day,  I decided to offer what I would like to get when I travel...the main focus on the hospitality, the courtesy, the authenticity...feel like at home but with the traditions of the country you visit. Having someone discret next to you, that takes care of you not because you are "money" but because you are you. 
That's why I decided to create Giorgio's House.  
In Giorgio's House everything is made for the traveller that,(like me), loves to be treated as a person and not as a wallet or just a number. People that don't mind if the room has no  Lcd Wide Tv Screen cause they prefer to get a Wide smile on the face of the person that will take care of them.... 
Giorgio's House website was created with the same exigencies...It's simple, funny and colourful....Our website is the first filter....Who makes a reservation thru our website most of the time is a traveller like me and like the persons /friends that work at Giorgio's House... 
People that are different from us, 95% of the times, run away after watching Giorgio's websites...and that's good cause you'll have the 95% of possibility to find someone similar to you at Giorgio's House ....The friendly atmosphere (like a Family House) and people with the same travel philosophy that can meet each other and maybe become friends...that's what my goal ....  I am a person that likes fun and simple life...it doesn't matter how much money you have....simplicity is deep inside your heart and a simple person can feel good next to anyone...doesn't matter the social position, the colour of the skin, the job etc....This type of persons are the Guests I wish... 
Everything I did, I did with all my passion. I've made the largest Bed and Breakfast website in the world cause I love what I do and I like to show what my eyes see. Here you can see what I did since 2003 when Giorgio's House Adventure started ... I hope you'll like it :o) 
Now with the technology it's easier to share our experiences and our photos...so...Here you can see some of my trips cause, like you, I am a traveler :o) 
See you soon and thanks again for reading an important part of the story of my life :o) 
Before getting the Aconcagua with my 34 Kg  
Windsurfing in Hawaii in the nineties
Hiking on the Snow
Some pictures of my trips around the world.