Giorgio's House Bed and Breakfast Palermo & Buenos Aires  are: 
Self Made Independent Traveler members 
No Travel Intermediary 
Spend less & Get more 
Independent & Lonely Travelers
Why to use a Travel Agency when you can book and talk directly to  the Bed and Breakfast owners and Staff? 
Be Smart....get more and pay less! 
Why to Choose a Bed and Breakfast Directory with a huge B&B list with no criterias if you can talk directly and personally to the staff and the owners of the Bed and Breakfast?
We are travellers first of all and all the time we travel we like the direct contact with the local people . The people that really know the place we are going to visit. We are Real...we are not Anonymous 
Till 10 years ago there was no possibility to contact directly the Bed and Breakfast or the Hotel we wanted to book. We needed a tour operator or a travel agency and we had no idea (till we got it) about the place we were going to stay or at idea about the kindness, the customercare service etc....of that place. 
With Internet all that is changing. You can contact directly the Bed and Breakfast or the Hotel . (Not just a call center  that has no idea about the place you are interested in cause for them that place is just a reference number) You can ask all the info directly to the people that manage the hotel or the bed and breakfast. You don't need any travel intermediary. You can judge the kindness and the customer care service by yourself and of course you can also save more money cause there is no travel agency between you and the Bed and Breakfast or the Hotel so no fees (paid directly or indirectly usually called "deposit"
Travel Intermediary: Now hundreds of virtual tour operators and agencies (travel intermediaries) are coming up. Their Challenge is: "To get the largest number of accommodation places"...This is a goal for them (cause they get a lot of commissions or fees) but not for the travelers. Today there are almost more Virtual Travel Agencies than Travelers ;o)) 
Travelers should choose between thousands places (not easy) listed in the same website with some "personal" ( $/€)  criterias. Hotels, B&B, Hostels that pay to be listed...even in some website that declare to be  "independent anonymous reviews websites"...they pay a % commission or a fee  or for the advertisinment to be one of the 1000 members....if you pay more you get a better position but...Do you really think that who has more money (and get the best position) is also the best place to stay? Tripadvisor (Expedia) for example is asking between 280€ and 10.000€ to advertise the Hotels and place their links + e.mail . It can be dangerous in the future...what will happen to the rating and the Anonymous Reviews of the hotels that don't want to pay Tripadvisor(Expedia) for the Advertisment
Oops...there were also some terrible cases : Some REAL customers that blackmailed the hotels: "Give me a discount or I write a bad review"!!!  
There are also a lot of "Specialists" that offers you the service to write some good reviews (of course not for free) 
This is the last e.mail we got from this type of....."Specialists" - "Hello Sir/madam, 
I own a small team of off page seo workers, and I am functioning on few projects of link building, blog comment links, forum postings,reviews, press releases etc...As I am surfing for Tour & Travel company’s websites, I have in my clutches, your company. For long days, I am searching for the brand companies like yours; therefore, I am looking forward for more details of your works or projects. Kindly aid me for this!
Try to contact the place you want to stay direcly  to have a real idea about who they are...Sometimes it's harder to find them in the search engines cause they have not the same  budget of the big Virtual Travel Agencies to spend to be in the best positions but if you find them you'll get the best satisfation cause the travel you organize will be really YOUR SELF MADE TRAVEL! :o)